A very experienced and professional company to help and guide you with all your needs and questions in regard to Maritime Services.

We represent shipping companies, time charter operators, voyage charter operators by providing:
- Port Agencies
- Protecting services
- Husbandry services
Logistics & Warehousing
- Customs support
- STS Operations
- Documentation

Maripro Antwerp

We are proud to announce the opening of our new branch office at Antwerp, Belgium as from today, the 06th of January 2023. Our dedicated team of operators is ready to help you out on all Belgium ports and take care of your business. 
We can assist you as agent on charterers, owners, husbandry and protective agencies and of course on all other related Maritime Services.



Maripro B.V. is an experienced and professional logistics company. We help and guide our customers with all their questions and wishes regarding various maritime services. We are constantly looking for the most suitable solution for our customers. In order for us to grow our business, we are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to learn. Today, the logistics market is more dynamic than ever, with major changes and opportunities: new technologies and IT, new climate rules, emerging players in the field and more. This means that we are and must remain flexible, visionary and innovative. To expand our team, we are looking for an Operator



To make our business grow, we are always on the lookout for eager people who want to learn every day. Today the logistics market is more dynamic and demanding than ever, with great changes as well as chances ahead of us: new technologies and IT, new climate regulations, emerging players in the field and more. This means we must stay flexible, visionary and innovative. At the moment we have a number of great internships available. (Dutch only)

Please contact our Maritime Professionals for further information:

Port of Rotterdam: agencies.rotterdam@maripro.eu
Port of Amsterdam: agencies.amsterdam@maripro.eu
Port of Antwerp: agencies.antwerp@maripro.eu

Husbandry matters: husbandry@maripro.eu